Design & Manufacturing of Smart Kitchen Appliances.


Matrix Tech. Development Company is A Product development Specialist that assist worldwide companies from Kitchen appliances fields to create their own successful products in a fast, efficient & under the exact forecasted budget and Timeline, our high development ability involves with high technology integrated or according clients needs if App Enable Hardware or App software. 

We based in Andorra with operative offices in China and Hong Kong.

Our Development services also includes with: 

  • ·  Product Strategy and Market Analyze.
  • ·  Product development. 
  • ·  Product Rendering and Design.
  • ·  Exist Product Improvement, design, mechanism or both. 
  • ·  Exist Product improvement for different countries use.
  • ·  Product testing according targeted market.
  • ·  Reverse engineering for Product Pricing.
  • ·  Dummy or workable Prototype Manufacturing. 
  • ·  Product Manufacturing.
  • ·  Logistic – Through our partners.
  • ·  Local + worldwide Marketing – Through our partners.
  • ·  Product preparation for Intellectual Property registration.
  • Exhibition preparation & participation.


What we are focusing in.

As experienced developers and producers in the industry of Kitchen Appliances over than 15 years, we know how to select the most successful items, improve their technology redesign for better marketing and find the best material for different pricing quality. Once we've worked together to create your own product or series, we will lead you to success and satisfaction before along and after the process.


Unbeatable team which seek nothing less than success.

We love to create. We love to innovate, we love to see our clients satisfaction every time again.
We are addicted to Satisfaction from success. It makes us feel younger, powerful, essential to others. It makes us feel alive and willing to do it over and over again.